New english file. Elementary workbook by Oxenden C., Seligson P, Hudson J.

By Oxenden C., Seligson P, Hudson J.

New english dossier. easy workbook КНИГИ ;НАУКА и УЧЕБА Название: New english dossier. undemanding workbook Автор: Oxenden C., Seligson P, Hudson J. Издательство: Oxford college press Год издания: 2006 Страниц: seventy nine Формат: pdf Размер: 6,87 МбNew ENGLISH dossier The direction that will get scholars talking.Fun, motivating classes that work.The ideal stability of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and talents to get your scholars talking English with confidence.A whole package deal for lecturers and students.The Teacher's booklet provides the help you would like, and all of the parts interact for more suitable learning.Council of Europe point Al.New English dossier effortless covers Council of Europe point Al and leads into A2.0

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B a / have / you / 'small' / Do 2 _? 1 Oxford Street is the best area - there are over 300 shops there. You can find more exclusive designer stores in Regent's Street and Bond Street. Knightsbridge and Sloane Square are also good areas, and there are hundreds of little shops in Covent Garden market. A Yes, this one is 'small'. B Thanks, on / can / it /I / Where / try 3 Thanks. A The changing rooms are over there. B It's fine, it / How / is / much 4 It's fine. _____ ? 99. B Visa / take / Do / you 5 _____ ?

Practise saying the words. 3 Remember to underline the stress when you write down new words. Can you answer these questions? Can you play a musical instrument? Can you drive? Can you dance well? What sports can you play? Can you take good photos? 1 Can you open the door, 2 You please? 3 Can the sugar? 4 1 People who say money can't buy you happiness don't know where to go shopping. Anonymous Shopping - men love it! 1 GRAMMAR like (+ verb + -ing) 2 PRONUNCIATION a Write the verb + -ingin the correct column.

For you. The island of Quilalea is off the coast of Mozambique and the only inhabitants are turtles and a few tourists. You can live like Robinson Crusoe: watch the turtles, go fishing, or sail Who are you going to go with? How much is it going to cost you? to another island to have a picnic. com/elt/englishfiie/elementary Love cannot save you from your own fate. Jim Morrison, singer with The Doors 1 VOCABULARY verb phrases Complete with verbs from the box. Sometimes more than one answer is possible, be have 1 be get fall move meet famous 4 lucky 7 a lot of money 10 somebody new 2 a surprise 5 in love 8 house 11 a baby 3 married 6 to another country 9 a new job 2 GRAMMAR be going to (predictions) b Write a letter in the box: A = plan, B = prediction.

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