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You will want to make as few splices in the EL wire as you can. Remember that you can link together different colors into the same circuit, either by connecting them to the same wire on the Ethernet cable or by daisy-chaining to the end of another EL wire. You will need to sew a buttonhole in the shirt at each point the EL wire has to go through so that the shirt ■ PHOTO 3A. won’t fray. You will also want to cover the wire with shrink tubing anywhere it runs behind the shirt or it will show through when lit.

December 2011 41 output of the RTC OSD into a VCR or even a DVR for recording, then apply 7 to 9 VDC power. Of course, there is opportunity for customization. The RTC code could be changed to output in AM/PM format and the MAX7456 could display it as such. The MAX7456 code could be changed to alter the appearance of the characters as custom characters are supported. Even multiple lines could be displayed, with one being the title of the camera area and the other being the date/time. Bear in mind that the MAX7456 is designed for use with NTSC and PAL equipment.

Use all surface-mount technology. Have a transistor for control of devices such as mechanical relays. • Tolerate a 10 msec dropout. • Selectable sense of output. • Use internal timer instead of stacked delay loops. I began to realize that this little circuit — with in-circuit programmability — could be used for a number of different yet similar functions such as flashers or pulse generators. With a minimum of external components, the device would be all in the software, which is the way microprocessor designs should be.

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