Ouch! by Joe Rhatigan,Anthony Owsley

By Joe Rhatigan,Anthony Owsley

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You could have a fever or a virus. And sometimes, you may never know for sure what caused your rash. A Few Kinds of Rashes ECZEMA The symptoms of eczema are red, itchy, flaky, and swollen skin, usually showing up around your elbows or knees, although it can appear other places as well. Scientists don’t know exactly why some people get this common rash. For those who suffer from eczema, it shows up and disappears at different times. Children who get eczema usually stop getting it by the time they’re in their teens.

If you quickly pop out of bed, the sudden movement, along with gravity, pulls blood down and away from your brain. The brain can’t work without blood, so for a moment or two, your body functions stop working properly and you feel dizzy.

What You Can Do to Prevent Earaches Like colds, earaches are difficult to prevent since germs are everywhere. If you stay away from people with colds and wash your hands regularly, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding this annoying condition. Ow, That Hurts on the Ouch! Pain Scale An infection of the outer ear is called swimmer’s ear. ) gets stuck in the ear canal, bacteria have more of a chance to grow—leading to redness, swelling, and pain. Scratching the area can also lead to infection. Antibiotic ear drops usually clear up the mess within a week.

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