Paint & Coating Industry November 2011 by Kristin Johansson

By Kristin Johansson

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Leaf type morphology). Latex film adhesion to glass and Leneta paper was investigated per ASTM D 7234-05, and all films evidenced excellent adhesion. The surfactant influence on the freeze/thaw (F/T) stability of the latex was assessed. Only the latex based on the 18P passed the desired 3 F/T cycles. Latex Water Uptake Latexes used as binders in exterior paints require good water resistance, and surfactants can greatly influence water intake. To assess various surfactants’ influence on this property, 1 mil dry films were prepared on glass, and film samples were dried at 107 °C for 5 min and then aged overnight in a controlled humidity and temperature room (CHT-50% humidity at 24 °C).

Introduction Waterborne coatings are applied on wood, metal, plastics, flooring and paper substrates to improve their aesthetics and provide protection from light, salt, heat and moisture. The key ingredients in a coating formulation are the pigment and binder. Pigments impart opacity, durability, anticorrosion and rust inhibition to the coating; the latex binder forms a film and holds pigment, filler and other components together, and additionally protects the substrate. The binder also contributes to the gloss, blocking and adhesion of the film.

Como mostra a Tabela 1, o biocida encapsulado (IPBC CR) conferiu uma proteção duradoura à superfície da amostra (nível 0) após a lixiviação intensa. Alguns testes também foram realizados ao ar livre. Painéis de madeira contendo IPBC encapsulado e não encapsulado foram expostos ao ar livre. Uma tinta acrílica “quick-fail” para exteriores foi usada nesses ensaios. Após 18 meses de exposição, as amostras foram examinadas para verificação do grau de degradação da superfície da tinta. Conforme mostra a Figura 3, a amostra que continha o biocida encapsulado apresentou a menor degradação superficial.

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